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After Opal's tower incident, a second building in Sydney suffered critical damage due to cracking raising concerns about Australia's building codes.

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  • Date occured Friday, 14 June 2019
Tuesday, 05 February 2019 01:00

Turning bio-solids into bricks

A research team at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has found a method to turn bio-solids into sustainable bricks.

The 36-story Opal Tower, located in Sydney's Olympic Park, was evacuated on Christmas Eve after reports for severe cracking.

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  • Date occured Monday, 24 December 2018
Thursday, 06 August 2015 18:06

Skyscraper Inspired By Beyoncé

A 68-storey skyscraper in the central business district of Melbourne, which is "inspired" by ... Beyonce, is taking shape.

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  • Date occured Thursday, 06 August 2015

When completed The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), in South Australia, will be the third most expensive building in the world behind the One World Trade Center in New York City and Bucharest’s Palace of the Parliament ($3.9 and $3.0 billion respectively). The project is expected to be finished by the end of 2016 and will cost $2.1 billion (US) beating both The Shard in London and the Palazzo in Las Vegas (both cost $1.9 billion). The 11-storey hospital, the largest capital investment project in the history of South Australia, will have 800 beds and is expected to admit more than 80,000 patients every year. Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley and Design Inc (STHDI), the facility is being funded exclusively by taxpayers in South Australia and is projected to service the healthcare needs of the state for decades to come.

Australian real estate firm Modscape unveiled the plans for a dream house concept attached to the side of a cliff. The designs are meant to show potential buyers how Modscape can create homes located near some of Australia’s coastal areas, or in this case attached to the side of a cliff. Modscape specializes in custom built sustainable modular architecture. The house is made from prefabricated pieces and is attached to the cliff by steel pins. While some might be to scared to enter the home from fears of the house falling into the ocean, former president of the Royal Insitute of British Architects Maxwell Hutchinson believes that design is structurally safe.

Victoria Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, approved three new apartment developments this week in Melbourne, Australia including a 100-story skyscraper that will become the tallest apartment building in the southern hemisphere. The three projects are expected to cost a total of $830 million and provide housing to 4,000 people. The three developments will also create 5,800 construction jobs over the next five years. Construction will get underway on the tallest and most prominent of the three buildings, Australia 108, within the next year and it will be completed by 2019.

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  • Date occured Friday, 27 June 2014
Monday, 03 February 2014 13:15

Melbourne Approves Skinny Skyscraper

The Melbourne Minister of Planning recently approved a 73-story, 230-meter skyscraper that will be just 12 meters wide at its narrowest point when finished. It will primarily be a residential building with 256 apartment units, but the tower will also feature a seven-story lobby that will attract local people to the landmark building.

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  • Date occured Monday, 03 February 2014