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American Institute of Steel Construction: AISC has created a new resource for learning about the process of steel design and construction: Digital Case Studies. These case studies provide detailed information, including photographs and project schedules. In addition, there are several movies and animated sequences that show the production, detailing, fabrication, and erection of structural steel (the movies are reproduced from the AISC Detailer Training Series). All of the information can be downloaded and can be freely used for educational purposes.

British Steel: Photographs and case studies: These thumbnails show the wide range of structures which can be built in steel.

British Steel Construction Manual On-Line: This manual has been compiled by British Steel in association with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) and the British Constructional Steelwork association (BCSA). The aim of the Manual is to provide the designer and users of steel with information that is required frequently. The information contained is presented in electronic format to enhance users access to this knowledge. Some of the data is presented in a manner which allows the user to tailor the information that is presented.

Terri Meyer Boake. Case Study and Image Gallery for Innovative Steel Buildings.

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. Projects using the strength of steel.