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According to “TimeOut London”, Lloyd’s building is one of the most impressive buildings in London. It is an office building and the home of the insurance institution Lloyd’s of London. Its construction started in 1978 and was completed in 1986.

Three months ago, we wrote about the progress of construction of China’s Record- Breaking Glass Bridge. This bridge opened to the public on August 20th attracting many visitors, but thirteen days later was closed

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The second tallest skyscraper in the world is located in Liuhiazui, Pudong, Shanghai and is known as the Shanghai Tower. 632 meters high and designed by Gensler, it started to be constructed at the end of 2008 and was completed by 2015. Thanks to its unique architectural style, it stands out from all other skyscrapers because it is twisted- a recent trend in the layout of tall buildings-.

Bridges, as the structures which connect two separated parts of land, make easier and faster our transportation. The materials, the shape and the design differentiate one bridge from the other. Although, there are lot of impressive bridges worldwide, one that stands out is the Helix Bridge in Singapore.

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Apart from skyscrapers and impressive buildings, Dubai is known for the Floating Seahorse. It’s about a luxurious villa which is located among other floating structures in the Arabian Gulf. Like a floating structure, a part of the villa is submerged underwater giving the opportunity to visitors to explore the sea bottom. It is very popular and attractive for visitors around the world.

Nowadays, all buildings are rated for energy consumption and specific legislation in the EU aims to improve energy efficiency. On 4th of July, the EU announced that the European Commission reviewed a part of its Energy Efficiency Package, which is expected in autumn of this year.

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Nowadays, in cities around the world such as in New York, in Tokyo, in Shanghai, in Dubai etc, structural engineers build skyscrapers for residential as well as business purposes. The design, the evolution of construction and the style of architecture are drawing attention as many of these buildings are seen as “signature” buildings.