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Monday, 07 September 2015 14:02

Hayward Baker Expands Operations in Florida Featured

Hayward Baker Inc. (HBI), North America’s leader in geotechnical construction, is proud to announce expanded operations in the state of Florida. The Florida expansion includes relocation of HBI’s Tampa office to a larger facility nearby, plus the opening of a new South Florida office in the city of Hollywood.

Monday, 24 August 2015 09:00

Buildings Prone to Earthquakes

There is a significant percentage of buildings in India that is prone to earthquake since these buildings are not constructed as per proper code.

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A bridge that served for more than 100 years the residents of Pennsylvania, in the northeastern United States, was demolished by the authorities on Wednesday, due to the fact that an inspection revealed major deterioration.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 12:01

Historical Building Of Kodak Demolished

The building 53 at the Industrial Park of New York collapsed, putting an end to an entire era of analogue photography that gave way to the digital era.

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The use of mobile devices for internet access, such as tablets and cell phones is increasing globally. More and more internet traffic originates from these devices, and in many cases, websites are not yet properly designed to be easily viewed with these devices.

A WWII era, one-ton bomb was unearthed in the German city of Cologne during preparations for the construction of a pipeline last week. Roughly 20,000 people were forced to leave their homes so that authorities could defuse the bomb. The unexploded US-made device was found 16 feet underground on the left bank of the Rhine river near Mülheim Bridge.

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