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Police expect further casualties, as they do not anticipate finding any more survivors

In the last twenty years, China’s urban population has more than doubled and aggressive development in the cities was necessary in order to host more people. However, the massive urbanization resulted in thousands of historic sites and buildings being destroyed, to make way for roads and reservoirs. But gradually, instead of demolishing these structures, the practice of relocation began to gain ground, and nowadays it is a common procedure in the Asian country, with a whole industry behind it. The buildings are either disassembled from roof tile to foundation and rebuilt in a new position, or moved to it on rails.

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Monday, 20 March 2017 01:00

Interesting bridges around the world

 Each one of them is unique in its own way! 

The roads, bridges, public drinking and water systems, dams, airports and mass transit systems in the US are in need of massive restoration. This is what the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) said in its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, an assessment of the nation's infrastructure that comes out every 4 years. The organization evaluated it with an overall grade of D+, the same score as in 2013, pointing out that the country will need to invest $4.59 trillion by 2025 to improve its condition.

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A short bridge was demolished in downtown LA, as it was standing in the way of the Regional Connector project, the city’s metro line extension. The bridge, leading to Hope Street, was built in the area where the construction of the 2nd Street/Hope Station is taking place. The station will serve the northwest part of DTLA, including Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Broad, the Los Angeles Music Center, MOCA and many offices and residences in the area.

According to CBS Sacramento, a historical building in Old Sacramento, U.S.A. showed structural problems and locals are concerned about their safety. The problems were observed by a staff member and the authorities were mobilized to inspect this and other historical buildings around. The owners will need to take action as these buildings are used by employees and tourists daily. 

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 01:00

The tallest skyscraper is going to be in Dubai

Engineers in Dubai are arguably pioneers in construction. A new building construction that is expected to be the tallest skyscraper of all is underway!!