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Denmark's plans for windfarm megaproject

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Denmark's plans for windfarm megaproject Denmark's plans for windfarm megaproject Reuters

Denmark is planning to establish a large wind farm that will surround an artificial island.

The megaproject will have a 10-GW capacity capable of providing energy to 10 million residences. The attempt will cost around $30-45 billion.

Denmark is a pioneer when it comes to green energy as it produces 41% of its total energy needs by wind power. Recently, the government committed to reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 70% until 2030 and to become carbon neutral 20 years later.

Despite being a very challenging task, the new climate act was voted by 8 out of 10 parties of the Danish parliament on December 13, 2019. The government's aim to reduce carbon emission in every possible sector. “We have decided not to aim for what we know to be possible, but what we know to be necessary. Our task is now to make the necessary possible. With the target enshrined in a legally binding climate act, we hope Denmark can inspire other countries to follow suit,” Dan Jørgensen, Denmark's Climate and Energy Minister, stated.

The Ministry of Energy is investigating the ideal location to establish the facility. Preliminary studies show that the artificial island would not cause severe damage to the environment. Some potential locations mentioned were in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and in the Kattegat.

The project that will be mostly funded by private initiatives, will have 5 times higher capacity than the current wind power output of Denmark. Due to the fact that Denmark has 6 million people, there is going to be an excess of wind power produced. Therefore, the government is considering storing the excess amount of energy or converting it into renewable hydrogen (by electrolysis). Hydrogen is considered a clean power source as it produces water when it burns. Therefore, it belongs in the same category as renewable power sources such as solar and wind power.

The ultimate purpose is to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in the industry. “If we are to realize the enormous potential of offshore wind, new technologies will have to be developed to convert green power into fuel for aircraft, ships and industry,” Jørgensen said.

Denmark is also open to suggestions for cooperation with neighboring countries to accomplish the vast project.

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