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Bridge collapse in Rhodes Island, Greece

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Bridge collapse in Rhodes Island, Greece Bridge collapse in Rhodes Island, Greece

A bridge stretching over a river in Rhodes Island, Greece, partially collapsed after intense precipitation struck the area.

The failure occurred on Monday, 25, 2019. The structure was part of a major highway that connects Rhodes city and Lindos, a village located southeast of the island.

Fortunately, there were no casualties since the bridge had been marked as inadequate and closed about 2 weeks ago.

According to experts, heavy rainfalls induced an increased downward flow of the river that triggered the collapse. 

Mr. N. Moustakellis, president of a local municipality, stated that the images of failure are shocking as the deck gave way and fell apart. He also emphasized the importance of the decision to close the bridge.

The following day, civil engineers visited the site to inspect the failure and to evaluate the situation.



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Bridge collapse in Rhodes Island

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