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Building collapse in Mali: 15 people reported dead

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Building collapse in Mali: 15 people reported dead Building collapse in Mali: 15 people reported dead

15 people were confirmed dead after a building collapse occurred in Bamako, the capital of Mali.

The 3-story residence that was under construction collapsed on September 1, 2019, at about 4 am local time. According to reports, the whole structure was completely destroyed after its roof gave way and fell onto the rest of the building. Mali's government stated that what caused the failure was the lack of compliance with the building regulations. 

An investigation has already begun to find those responsible for the tragic incident. “There are many mistakes... at the root of this tragedy. One cannot construct buildings haphazardly,” General Salif Traore, Mali's Minister of Security and Civilian Protection, stated.

Rescue teams rallied at the scene and managed to save 41 people, including a child that was trapped under the debris. "Thanks to the determination of the emergency services, a young girl of around four years has just been pulled out of the rubble alive. Another survivor (a woman) has just, happily, been extracted by rescuers," Mali's Minister of Security and Civilian Protection added. The majority of the victims suffered injuries.

Similar failures have occurred before in Mali as many buildings are constructed without permits. The situation is aggravated in Bamako, a city that has experienced significant growth over the recent years.

Click the video below to watch how the structure was turned into dust.

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