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Bridge collapse in Florida sents 2 cars airborne

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Bridge collapse in Florida sents 2 cars airborne Bridge collapse in Florida sents 2 cars airborne

A bridge located on Hutchinson Ferry Road in Florida's Gadsden County, collapsed and 2 accidents occurred before the road was closed.

The incident occurred on August 21, 2019. The bridge's span suffered critical damage and failed after a long period of rainfalls that struck the area. A part of the bridge caved in and a gap was created in the middle of the structure.

2 drivers that did not notice the failure, were involved in severe accidents. The first car jumped over the gap and went airborne to land on its roof while the second vehicle damaged its front side. Both drivers were injured and hospitalized.

According to authorities, the road was closed indefinitely and the traffic was rerouted. "We have closed the bridge and put up signage to make sure that citizens are aware to not try and go in that area," Arthur Lawson, Gadsden County Interim County Administrator, stated.

The bridge was inspected back in 2016 and it was found to be “structurally deficient” but it met the quality requirements to stay in place as it is. Locals state that the road always seems unsafe and that repairs were needed before (2 times this year). Another road was also closed recently and people in the area feel abandoned. "Can't get out there and walk like I'm supposed to. And as long as I sit there and I try to do what I'm supposed to do, what the doctor told me to do, and then you've got people that lives on this road that works in Bainbridge or goes into Quincy, they can't even get through the bridges," one of them commented.

It is still unknown when the repair works will begin. The Gadsden Country officials are cooperating with the Florida Department of Transportation to figure out a solution. “Public works is working with our engineer and the state to see about replacing the actual roadway," Jeronda Robinson, the county’s special project coordinator, stated. 

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