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Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project Underway

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Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group officially broke ground on the Hudson Yards redevelopment in New York City in December 2012.  The West Side Yard, commonly referred to as Hudson Yards, opened in 1987 and is located on the West Side of Manhattan between West 30th street, West 33rd street, 10th street, and 12th street.  The rail yard stores commuter trains that operate through Penn Station.  The first phase of the plan to redevelop the 26-acre plot of land is building a platform over the eastern side of the yard to seal off the current train storage area.  This part of the project will begin this month.  The platform will take two and a half years to finish and cost $750 million.  It will take 300 caissons weighing between 4 and 60 tons, as well as 25,000 tons of steel and 14,000 cubic yards of concrete to complete the platform.  Once finished, two new skyscrapers will be able to be built on the platform.

  The overall goal of the project is to help redevelop the West Side of Manhattan by creating a mixed-use real estate development.  The site will feature 16 skyscrapers when completed in 2018 that will house a mixture of office, retail, and residential space.  The first of the 16 new towers is currently being constructed and is the only building in the redevelopment that will be built on terra firma.  The 52-story, 895-foot tower will feature 1.7 million square feet of rentable office space, and future tenants include Coach, L’Oreal, and SAP.  The building, known as the South Tower or the Coach Tower, will be completed in 2015.  Time Warner announced on Thursday that it would move from its current headquarters at the Time Warner Center to a new building located on the southwest corner of the redevelopment.  The 80-story, 1,227-foot tower will house over 5,000 Time Warner employees once completed.

Jay Cross, head of Related Companies’ redevelopment plans, wants to ensure that the new community is well planned.  He stated, “We take the creation of a neighborhood as probably the No. 1 challenge.”  The plan originally included the construction of an Olympic Stadium, but that was removed when New York failed to win their Olympic bid for the 2012 Olympics.  Cross is hoping the extension of the No. 7 subway will help connect workers and residents of the development to other parts of the city.  He also thinks the mile-long High Line Park being nearby will draw in more people.  Residential space is currently being sold at cost to lure in residents while the rail yard is still exposed.  Related Companies hopes that the initial retail sales will provide momentum for the development once the platform is competed and the site begins to look more desirable.

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