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Everton's new stadium design revealed

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Everton's new stadium Everton's new stadium

Everton, an English professional football club based in Walton, Liverpool, has revealed a plan for a $620 million new stadium.

The new 52,000-seat arena will be constructed at Bramley Moore, a dockland which is located in North Liverpool and is partially abandoned. According to Everton's officials, the new infrastructure will boost the local economy.

The structure will consist of brick, steel and glass and according to designers it will appear "as though it has risen from the dock". The club ensured that the stand located at the south end of the ground will preserve the "intensity and intimacy" of Goodison Park, the current home of Everton. 

The designers' purpose is to make each of the 4 stands unique in order to provide a special experience for the crowd. Seats will be steeply aligned so fans will be as close to the pitch as possible. The best seats will have armchairs and TV monitors installed.

Goodison Park, which was completed in 1892, will be demolished as soon as the new project is ready. Everton owners decided not to sell the property but to transform it into a public space that will include a memorial about the old stadium.

The plans for the new project were revealed on July, 25, 2019. The development may be funded from both public and private sectors and hopefully, building procedures will initiate in 2020 and will last for 3 years.

"This is an incredibly important milestone for both. It is first and foremost a stadium for football, for our passionate fans and for our players, a stadium that gives Everton a platform for growth both commercially and socially. But it is also a stadium for the entire city and a development that will deliver transformative benefits in terms of regeneration for the whole region." Prof. Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Everton chief executive, stated. 

Click the video below to watch the features of Everton's new stadium.


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Revealed! Everton's new stadium plans Everton Football Club

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