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Gas explosion in Vienna: 2 buildings partially collapse

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Gas explosion in Vienna: 2 buildings partially collapse Gas explosion in Vienna: 2 buildings partially collapse

Several floors in 2 buildings near Vienna's center collapsed after (possibly) a gas explosion.

The suspected explosion occurred at about 4.30pm local time on Wednesday, June 26, 2018. According to the police, at least 12 people were injured (4 of them severely) and at least one person was reported dead. "In the explosion, at least 4 people were seriously injured, and multiple people lightly. The area is widely closed off. Please stay away!," Vienna police stated. 

According to officials, at least 22 apartments, occupied by 44 people, were damaged by the blast. 

Emergency services, including 100 firefighters and 50 police officers, rushed at the scene about half an hour after the incident. According to officials, the facade of the building looks like it was bombed and a crater has been created. "(It's) as if a bomb flew in and tore a huge hole in the facade," a fire department spokesman stated.

The 2 buildings, as well as the neighboring structures, were evacuated.

The incident occurred in a city that was lately devastated by a powerful heat wave and the temperature reached up to 35‎°C. However, it is not yet clarified whether the explosion is associated with the temperature rise. "Vienna is going through a crazy heat wave right now, so there's already been sort of an emergency response in other areas so it was already a crazy day before this happened," Leora Courtney-Wolfman, a neighbor, said.



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Emergency services attend suspected gas explosion in Vienna

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