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Bridge painted to look like a LEGO structure

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LEGO bridge in Germany by Megx LEGO bridge in Germany by Megx

A bridge in Germany was painted to look like it's made out of huge LEGO bricks and the outcome is impressive.

The structure is located in the city of Wuppertal, Western Germany. Today, it serves as a pedestrian bridge but, some years ago, it used to be part of the former Wuppertal railway line. Back in 2011, officials decided to summon Martin Heuwold or Megx, a street artist, to make this casual overpass unique.

Megx decided to paint the bridge in order to look like it is made out of gigantic LEGO bricks. The artist used some advanced techniques to make the conception look realistic and the outcome was rather impressive. The structure, even if it's made out of concrete, is a large-scale success of every child's attempt to build a LEGO span.

The artist had to ask for permission from the LEGO Group in order to realize his idea. After the approval was provided, Megx and his crew managed to paint the 250 m2 structure in less than 2 weeks. He said that his inspiration derived from his family and especially his 2 daughters that love LEGO structures.

The innovative attempt received the Deutscher Fassadenpreis (German Facade) Advancement Prize in 2012.


For more images, watch the video below or click on Megx's Instagram account.


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There's a LEGO Bridge in Germany

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