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Skyscraper that will conduct cryptocurrency mining

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Skyscraper that will perform cryptocurrency mining inside Skyscraper that will perform cryptocurrency mining inside

A new project, designed for the 2019 Evolo Skyscraper Award, involves the construction of a skyscraper that will contain a water theme park, hiding an enormous cryptocurrency mining facility inside.

Designers envision the 560-meter skyscraper project to be constructed on top of the abbas abbad hill in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Glass facades will be implemented so that the park will be visible from the outside of the building. The high-tech facility that will constantly mine crypto-currencies will be located below the water park.

According to the designers, the purpose of the building is ambiguous. Not only it will be used as pioneering infrastructure project but also as a mean to express the opposition against the embargoes and sanctions the country has suffered from foreign policies. The creators also wish to emphasize on the solutions that engineering and architecture can provide to Iran.

The building will incorporate a self-powered sustainable system that will use generators. Recycled water will be utilized for power generation and water rides. The project's targets include:

  1. Creating levels of interesting public spaces
  2. Exploiting water flow to produce electricity and to cool the buildings' spaces
  3. Creating an emblematic building with unique features
  4. Performing the mining operation while providing an exciting environment for people

For more blueprints of the innovative facility click the following pictures.



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