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Video: Double Crane Collapse in Venezuela

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Two cranes collapsed last month while attempting a tandem lift Two cranes collapsed last month while attempting a tandem lift

The video below shows two cranes collapsing while attempting to move a 60-ton truss beam during the construction of a train station in Caracas, Venezuela.  The two crane operators survived the fall but were injured during the incident occurring on December 6th.  According to El Universal, a Caracas newspaper, the crane operators were attempting a dangerous maneuver, but one of them shouted that he was “doing an excellent job” immediately before the collapse.  The construction company responsible is currently investigating the cause of the incident.  The two five axle all terrain cranes were 100 ton Liebherr LTM1100-5 models, and the collapse was reportedly caused by one of the crane’s outriggers sinking into the ground and destabilizing the crane.  The crane that fell down the access shaft crashed into a diesel storage tank causing a leak that shut down the adjacent road for a few hours.

Sources: El UniversalVertikal

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