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Geopier X1® elements to provide retaining wall support

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Geopier X1® system is being installed to reinforce the soft clay Geopier X1® system is being installed to reinforce the soft clay

Geopier X1® elements are being installed to provide retaining wall support at the IA 141 Ramp B and Meredith Drive roadway project in Polk County, Iowa.

Geopier Foundation Company, Ground Improvement Engineering, and Peterson Contractors, Inc. are installing the Geopier X1® system to provide retaining wall support with an increased bearing capacity while reducing total and differential settlement and increased shear resistance for global stability for support. This system is being installed to reinforce the soft to medium stiff lean clay FILL and native clay to support retaining walls heights of 10 to 32 feet. The use of the Geopier system eliminated the need for costly over-excavation and replacement of the soft foundation soils.

Geopier X1® System

The Geopier X1® system creates Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements using a patent pending vertical ramming process which is a combination of both replacement and displacement methods.

The Geopier X1 system builds replacement/displacement RAP elements to reinforce good to poor soils, allowing for construction flexibility and the ability to build through caving zones that are encountered during drilling operations.

Like the original Geopier systems, the X1 systems drilling operation allows for visible inspection of the hole and the opportunity to address changing ground conditions as they happen. Its performance, flexibility, and cost-effective qualities make it the ideal solution for reinforcing a variety of different soil types.

 Watch the video below to learn more about Geopier X1® system.

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Geopier X1® On-Site Installation and Animation

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