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Hayward Baker showcase an innovative solution that prevents ash flow from polluting a nearby river during a seismic event

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In a location where soil instability could have resulted in ash flowing into a nearby river, Hayward Baker provided an innovative solution that improved soil conditions to prevent pollution during a seismic event.

Improvement to approximately 900 linear wall ft of the existing dike of the east ash pond levee was required in accordance with the CCR Compliance Management Program to a Midwest coal-fueled power facility that runs with a net generating capacity of over 1,000 MW. 

To complete the project Hayward Baker had to face below challenges:

  • Portions of the existing dike were constructed by filling over the top of ash
  • Borings performed in the area of the work indicated medium stiff to stiff embankment clay fill underlain by very loose to loose ash fill
  • Below the ash fill, stiff to very stiff lean clay was encountered
  • Improving the existing subsurface soils at the project site was necessary to achieve static and seismic stability, since instability could have resulted in ash flowing into a nearby river

Hayward Baker worked with the designer to develop an innovative solution to meet the requirements of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) regulations. Hayward Baker's quality control efforts confirmed that the ground treatment methods had achieved the specified acceptance criteria.

Visit Hayward Baker's website to learn more details about their innovative solution.


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