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Geopier Ground Improvement Solution with GeoConcrete® Column System Featured

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Geopier’s GeoConcrete® Column (GCC) rigid inclusion system provided significant cost savings and schedule advantages while limiting vibrations and reducing risk to nearby structures, including a historic granite fl ood wall.

The subsurface soil conditions at the project site consist of about 25 feet of undocumented fi ll (very loose to very dense sand with varying amounts of silt, gravel, ash, and debris), underlain by up to 14 feet of compressible Alluvial deposits, followed by Glacial Outwash (dense to very dense sand, gravel, and silt). Site access was limited and foundation elements were installed from two diff erent site grades: the fi rst was approximately 10 feet below surrounding grades and existing structures (including a brick building approximately 4 feet away from the proposed building footprint). The second was from atop an H-pile supported boardwalk constructed along the historic granite block fl ood wall.

In order to expedite construction and minimize impacts to the construction schedule, Geopier® GeoConcrete Column rigid inclusions were used for foundation support. By pre-augering through the debris-laden fill, high capacity elements could be installed down to glacial till with limited vibrations impacting the adjacent brick building and granite flood wall. Over 200 GCC elements were installed in 3 days. The cost savings associated with GCCs were greater than $500,000 (as compared to pressure injected footings (PIFs) and/or H-piles). The savings were a result of less expensive foundation installation, the ability to construct spread footings versus pile caps, and an expedited construction schedule.

Watch below the Geopier GeoConcrete® Column On-Site Installation and Animation.

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