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Geopier Grouted Impact® Pier elements in another project Featured

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Geopier  is using the Grouted Impact® Pier elements in tight quarters for a new substation in Lynn, MA.  

 Geopier Grouted Impact® Pier elements are being used in tight quarters for a new substation in Lynn, MA. The high capacity rigid inclusions enable a design that conforms to the tight settlement criteria for this project and the Impact technology allows for installation through rubble fill with cobbles / boulders and extending through a thick organic deposit and into the underlaying dense sand.

The Geopier Grouted Impact® system is designed to reinforce soft, organic soils below the groundwater table by using a patented displacement mandrel. The displacement process allows for installation with no spoils and eliminates the need for casing. Its performance and cost-effective qualities make it the ideal solution for soils that are subject to caving.

Watch the video below to to see how the Geopier® Impact system uses the patented vertical ramming processes to reinforce good to poor soils. 

Source: Geopier

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