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Hayward Baker can assist you in evaluating the TRD technique for your project Featured

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Want to see how Hayward Baker put together a TRD rig in under 60 seconds?

 While TRD machines look like giant chainsaws, they are meticulously built for deep soil mixing. Between our Baltimore, Tampa, and Chicago offices, we are the first to use the TRD for creating a soil mix cut off wall in the Northeast.

TRD soil mix walls are mixed-in-place using a specialized vertical cutter post mounted on a base crawler machine. As the sole US provider of this technology, Hayward Baker can assist you in evaluating the TRD technique for your project. The vertical cutter post, resembling a large chain saw, is inserted vertically in sections by the crawler machine until the design depth of the wall is reached. The crawler machine then advances along the wall alignment while the cutter post cuts and mixes the in situ soil with cement-based binder slurry injected from ports on the post.

The vertical mixing action blends the entire soil profile, eliminating any stratification, and creates a soil mix wall with a high degree of uniformity and low permeability.

Watch the video below "Robinson Landing TRD Soil Mix Cut Off Wall - Timelapse 1" 

Source: Hayward Baker

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