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Workers Delicately Fix Leo Fridge Bridge

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Work has begun to raise the damaged section of the bridge Work has begun to raise the damaged section of the bridge NBC Chicago

On September 25, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation closed the Leo Fridge Bridge near Green Bay after noticing a two-foot dip along the bridge.  Work began Tuesday to fix the sagging pavement by raising up the concrete and steel pilings.  The damaged section of the bridge weighs approximately 1,600 tons and thus requires a delicate and tedious process to make the bridge operational.

Contractor Zenith Tech was hired to use hydraulic jacks to put the bridge back into place.  The company plans to use 10 hydraulic jacks below the bridge’s northbound lanes and then the jacks will be used to fix the southbound lanes. Temporary blocks will be used to stabilize the bridge as it is being lifted, and then a permanent steel support system will be put in place once the bridge is back to its normal height.  Wisconsin DOT is hoping that the cold weather in Green Bay will not cause any problems for the hydraulic jacks. Consultant Bill Kwasny said the following when speaking about the Le Fridge Bridge, “When done properly, it works well but it has to be done carefully.”  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is eager to reopen the bridge as nearly 40,000 cars pass over the bridge each day.  Green Bay Packers fan are especially eager for the bridge to open as its closure has led to larger than usual traffic jams before their games. The bridge is expected to open next week.

Sources: Green Bay Press Gazette

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