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Monday, 05 March 2018 01:00cat

This giant sinkhole on a busy street in Japan was repaired in just 48 hours (vid)

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Engineers and construction workers impressed the world with their efficiency 

In November of 2016, a 30-metre sinkhole on a busy street in the Japanese city of Fukuoka was repaired in just 48 hours! The sinkhole opened up outside a busy railway station, threatening to topple nearby buildings, caused power cuts and disrupted phone signals as well as gas and water supplies. Being 15 meters-deep, its filling with 6,200 m3 of sand and cement also included repairs to a sewage pipe and replacing traffic lights and utility poles that had been swallowed. According to local media reports, the incident was caused due to construction works on an underground line extension.

Despite the astonishingly quick job the engineers and construction workers did, the repaired stretch was declared safe and the road was reopened to traffic one week later, because of health and safety checks that had to take place.

Source: The Guardian 

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