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A revolutionary simulation tool that delivers cost efficient designs and analysis for sustainable transport infrastructures. Featured

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CivilFEM is one of the most advanced non-linear software in the world!

CivilFEM enables engineers to perform cery sophisticate analysis, ranging frin response spectra methods to non-linear time history or pushover analysis, incorporating soil-structura interaction material non-linear effects and boundary non-linearity.

One of the advantages of using CivilFEM is that the User can involve soil structur interaction (geometric or material) in teh superstructure, foundation and soil. 

The development of this program will facilitate the accomplishment of engineering project with more safety and reliability in structural analysis such as earthquakes and stability calculations saving lives and avoiding possible disasters. Its international nature allows businesses and citizens to have better transport infrastructure regardless of size and geographical location.

You can find more information about the advanced capabilities of CivilFEM for Forensic engineering, by Novotech, here and watch the Webinar below.

Source: Novotech

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