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Pre-drilled Pier by Hubbell Featured

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The Atlas Resistance® Pier by Hubbell is a manufactured, two-stage product designed specifically to produce structural support strength.

Atlas Resistance® 2-Piece Predrilled Pier Systems by Hubble has the following benefits:

  • Use for lifts up to 4″.
  • Drilled pier access hole required where unsuitable rock is near surface.
  • Use where designer requires penetration into bearing rock.
  • Eccentricity from wall to C-L pipe is 6-3/4″.
  • Sold loose or in kits (kit includes one Pre-drilled Pier Bracket, one Top Pier Platform, one Starter Section and three Pier Sections).

 The Atlas Resistance® Pier System procedure provides measured support strength. Atlas Resistance® Piers are spaced at adequate centers where each pier is driven to a suitable stratum and then tested to a force greater than required to lift the structure. This procedure effectively load tests each pier prior to lift and provides a measured Factor of Safety on each pier at lift.

You can find more information about Hubbell's Atlas Resistance® 2-Piece Predrilled Pier Systems here

Source: Hubbell

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