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Timber Support Brackets by Hubbell Featured

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Timber brackets by Hubbell are perfect for connecting timber beams to helical piles.

These brackets are used to connect timber beams to helical piles. The split bracket design is more universal because variability in timber beam thickness does not pose a construction problem. Both of these brackets fit over an SS5 or SS150 square shaft and inside an RS2875.165 or RS2875.203 round shaft.

Types of Timber Support Brackets:

  1. C110-0682 bracket has an ultimate rating of 10,000 lb in compression.
  2. C110-0736 is designed to attach to battered piles for lateral support.

Standard finish is Hot Dipped Galvanized per ASTM A153.


FInd more information about the Timber Brackets here

Source: Hubbell 

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