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Philadelphia Man Charged With Murder in Connection to Building Collapse

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6 people died and 14 were injured in Philadelphia Building Collapse 6 people died and 14 were injured in Philadelphia Building Collapse Metro.US

Charges were filed Monday against the man responsible for the failed building demolition that lead to the death of six people in an adjacent building. The collapse occurred on June 5, 2013 in the Center City area of Philadelphia. In addition to the six murder charges, the contractor is also facing six manslaughter and six reckless endangerment charges. The collapse is still under investigation, but it is believed that Griffin Campbell, the lead contractor, is responsible for the collapse and related deaths.

Campbell ignored warnings from an architect on the night prior to the collapse that the building was not ready to be safely demolished. Investigators believe the flat fee contract Campbell was awarded for the demolition as well as the right to salvage materials from the building led to him cutting corners. This resulted in an unsupported 40-foot wall of the building collapsing onto a Salvation Army store next door. In addition to the six people who died, 14 others were wounded. Prosecutors also announced that the owner of the building will not be charged, and the lead architect was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Sources: ABC News


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