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U.S. Travel Association Demands Infrastructure Issues Be Addressed

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Long delays could become more common if issues are not addressed Long delays could become more common if issues are not addressed vosizneias

The U.S. Travel Association held its inaugural conference in Washington D.C last week. The focus of the event, referred to as “Connecting America Through Travel, was to raise awareness to the fact that a lack of infrastructure spending in the United States is leading many tourists to visit other countries. Representatives of the association cite other countries’ high-speed rail and efficient airports as two main reasons why the United States is in danger of falling further behind. They warn that this has far reaching effects on the country that include not only being a less desirable travel destination, but also being less competitive in the global marketplace.

A study documenting current capacity restraints at many of the busiest airports in the United States was released by the ENO Center for Transportation. The report supports U.S. Travel’s claims that failing to address the country’s infrastructure issues will have far-reaching, long-term negative effects. The study recommends many improvements that could help fix the problem. These include giving more funding to airports that require significant upgrades and redesigning the landing fee system currently used to be based on congestion instead of weight. The ENO Center warns that if these fixes are not implemented in the next five years, as many as 25 airports in the United States could see holiday-like congestion on a weekly basis.

Source: Travel Weekly

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