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Several old Sacramento buildings in need of repair

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According to CBS Sacramento, a historical building in Old Sacramento, U.S.A. showed structural problems and locals are concerned about their safety. The problems were observed by a staff member and the authorities were mobilized to inspect this and other historical buildings around. The owners will need to take action as these buildings are used by employees and tourists daily. 

Old Sacramento has been a tourist attraction for many years as it includes several buildings of historical significance. In August, an employee observed visible damage in the exterior of the building. The city was alerted and inspections of other buildings took place. There are at least two other buildings with similar problems.

These buildings suffer of dry rot and damage is visible. Dry rot is fungal timber decay occurring in poorly ventilated conditions in buildings, resulting in cracking and powdering of the wood.
Also, officials with Old Sacramento's district office maintain that owners should have been responding for maintenance of their buildings. Thus, the buildings should be repaired and owners take action in order to solve the problem soon!
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Sources: sacramento.cbslocal 

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