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A balcony collapses in Angers, France: 4 people dead and 14 injured

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Four French died and more than 10 were injured due to a collapse of a balcony. The accident happened in Angers, a city in western France on Saturday, 15th October 2016. The collapsed balcony was on the third floor of the building and caused the collapse of the two lower balconies. Investigations get underway to identify the reasons for this tragic accident. 

 Last Saturday, 15th October 2016, some students organized a party at a student's apartment in Angers, western France. As European radio reports, when the incident occurred, eighteen people were standing on the balcony.
Four people are dead and fourteen are seriously injured. Engineers investigate the structural condition of the building since it was built only 15 years ago! Consequently, it is considered a "recent" structure and made of concrete, as images show...So, it seems strange!
All in all, further investigations are to be conducted and the building has been evacuated by the time the causes of the accident are well specified...

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