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Friday, 07 October 2016 01:00

Hurricane Matthew pounds the Caribbean; heads for the States

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A powerful hurricane, called Matthew, is traveling over the countries of Caribbean Sea, America and on Tuesday morning, 4th of October 2016hit Haiti causing devastating effects on people and structures. According to latest news more than 100 people are dead and many lost their homes in the Caribbean islands. This major hurricane is heading now to Florida.

 According to the latest news, 264 people are dead by the devastating storm. On Tuesday, 4th of October 2016, Matthew was located in Haiti, a country that still has not recovered from the earthquake in 2010, and continued to travel northwards.

It is reported that Haiti has lost more than 95% of trees and consequently, the flood, caused by the storm, hadn’t any obstacles when it crossed the towns. Also, the terrain in Haiti is steep and people are concerned about possible landslides.

The winds, which blow at 233 km per hour (145 miles per hour) were combined with heavy rain and resulted in extreme weather conditions.

Forecasts project significant impact to the USA starting Friday with Florida and then South Carolina.

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