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$500 Million for Typhoon Rebuilding

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Many roads still need to be cleared before aid can be received Many roads still need to be cleared before aid can be received NY Times

World Bank Group is providing the Filipino government with a $500 million emergency loan to help rebuild the devastated country. They will also provide a cash transfer to help clean up from the disaster and build temporary shelters. The World Bank Group has sent a technical team to the Philippines to assess the damage and determine the best path to rebuild. The team will first determine a reconstruction plan for the country, and then they will set it into place.

The World Bank Group’s technical team will use their collective experience from other natural disaster rehabilitation projects to guide them in their reconstruction planning. The reconstruction is expected to take a long time. Part of the reconstruction plan will be incorporating natural disaster resistant designs for new structures. New buildings will be designed to withstand wind gusts up to 280 km per hour and resist extreme flooding.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) also will support the rehabilitation by providing $23 million in grants and another $500 million in loans to the Philippines. They are also looking into setting up an ADB-administered multi-donor trust fund to help support the devastated nation.

The cleanup has already begun in the Philippines, and roughly 1000 US Marines are expected to arrive in the country to help clear roads and start cleaning the disaster area. The country is also receiving help from construction companies such as UK construction equipment maker JCB and South Korean Hyundai Heavy Industries. These companies are using their equipment to help clear roads to get aid through to the people that need it most. Other companies and engineering organizations are offering aid to the area as well. 

Sources: ENRABS-CBN News

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