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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 01:00cat

Building collapses in Italy: the second failure in few days!

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Last Thursday, a collapse of a four-story building occurred in the Ponte Milvio area of northern Rome, near the Foreign Ministry. Fortunately there are no deaths or injuries, but many people lost their home. The causes are being investigated by authorities and the surrounding buildings are being inspected in case they’re affected by the collapse.

The residents of the four-story building were earlier concerned about noises coming from the building. They called the fire department, which evacuated the building immediately. After few seconds, the building collapsed adverting the worse. However, concerns remain about the surrounding buildings, and engineers are currently inspect them, while they investigate the causes of the collapse.

According to Roma Cronaca* it is believed that underground water may have eroded the soil in the vicinity of the foundations.

This is the second building collapsein Italy during this month, again without causing any deaths.


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