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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 01:00

An under construction underground parking structure collapses in Tel Aviv: 2 people dead

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On Monday, 5th of September 2016, a structure collapsed causing the death of two people. The accident occurred in Tel Aviv, Israel and for days, rescuers had been trying to save people, who are trapped into the debris. The authorities are investigating the causes of the accident. 

The collapsed structure was an underground parking garage with four stories, and a shopping center was to be constructed on the top of it. The accident happened when a part of the structure collapsed and caused the collapse of a crane which led to the complete failure of the structure.

Apart from the rescue of the trapped people, authorities are investigating the causes, as there are concerns over construction safety violations. Among those, the company which carried out the construction of the parking in 2014, reportedly did not to use a structural engineer but only an architect. The argument provided was that an architect worries about the structure, the environment and the aesthetics as opposed to an engineer who only assures for the stability of the structure and doesn’t care about the environmental consequences. Furthermore, using an architect would lead to a discount of the total cost (approximately $532,516 in reported savings) and, despite the disagreements of the Engineer’s Association, the construction was carried out by an architect (,7340,L-4851055,00.html). Problems were noted early on with the skeleton and many claim that the collapse had been prevented.

According to Haaretz newspaper, in Israel, 480 people have been killed by structural failures since 2000.

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