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Are the buildings twisting? Shanghai Tower can.

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The second tallest skyscraper in the world is located in Liuhiazui, Pudong, Shanghai and is known as the Shanghai Tower. 632 meters high and designed by Gensler, it started to be constructed at the end of 2008 and was completed by 2015. Thanks to its unique architectural style, it stands out from all other skyscrapers because it is twisted- a recent trend in the layout of tall buildings-.

 The Shanghai Tower covers an area of 380,000 m2, has 120 stories and each of them affords garden areas, cafes, retail space and rooms for 16,000 people on daily basis. The visitors can enjoy the 360-degree view of the city thanks to the architecture design. Specifically, the building twists 120o as it rises and, as a result, it provides a complete view of the city. The tower’s form is such as it incorporates 9 cylindrical buildings enclosed by a layer of a glass façade. The façade is composed of a reinforced glass that is environmentally friendly and suitable for changes in temperature. Furthermore, engineers constructed the skyscraper with 24% more resistance in wind loads and 25% less structural steel than other skyscrapers of similar height, thanks to the twist of its glass facade. Saving money, and with less mass due to fewer construction materials needed, the Shanghai Tower is the landmark of China and an outstanding and innovative construction around the world.

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