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Norway's Fjords : an engineer's headache comes to an end

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Norway is known for Fjords - a complex of bays with complicated shape which is caused by  marine erosion. This geologic environment makes transportation difficult and, as a result, an innovative solution, which has already been proposed, is the construction of submerged bridges, which will connect inaccessible areas of Fjord's complex.

 Norway's Public Roads Administration plans to create an underwater complex of bridges, essentially tunnels,which will conduct to the Norway's people transportation. These tunnels will be designed in two directions and will  be 30 m (100 ft) deep. Especially, floating pontoons will hold up the "floating bridges"on the water surface, will stabilize them and then, they sink them into the water. Ships will be able to cross the sea without problems and also, the natural beauty of the environment is preserved as well.

In each bridge, there will be two tunnels in either direction. One of these connectors would link the southern port of Kristians and with the Trondheim in the north and reduce significantly the duration of the trip by a car. The current inexpensive solutions, which have been proposed are the use of ferry which is affected by weather conditions. The pros of the new project are many and will be taken under consideration only if there is no contamination of the environment. The cost of the project comes to the colossal 25 billion dollars and it is expected to be completed in 2035.

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