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The Floating Seahorse of Dubai: An architectural star was born!

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Apart from skyscrapers and impressive buildings, Dubai is known for the Floating Seahorse. It’s about a luxurious villa which is located among other floating structures in the Arabian Gulf. Like a floating structure, a part of the villa is submerged underwater giving the opportunity to visitors to explore the sea bottom. It is very popular and attractive for visitors around the world.

 The floating seahorse villa constitutes a part of the "Heart of Europe", which is a complex of floating apartments, hotels, shopping centers and marine restaurants in the Arabian Gulf. Especially, it has been completed since March, sailed to the Heart of Europe and was anchored in front of German island. In addition, its weight is estimated at about 200 tons and it has 3 floors. The underwater part of the building is usually used for relaxation, as there are bedrooms. Consequently, visitors have the opportunity to watch marine life and the coral garden which extends for 46 m2. The underwater glazing surface of the windows is estimated at about 25m2 and the thickness at about 9.5 cm.
Moreover, Arabian Sea is very salty and during the construction of the floating seahorse, the choice of materials was limited. After the floating seahorse was completed, Kleindienst, the biggest European real estate company in Dubai, undertook the promotion of the luxurious accommodation and expects people who probably want to invest in it. The floating seahorse is available for visitors who are willing to pay a lot to enjoy few days inside!

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