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EU regulations on energy performance of buildings to be revised

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Nowadays, all buildings are rated for energy consumption and specific legislation in the EU aims to improve energy efficiency. On 4th of July, the EU announced that the European Commission reviewed a part of its Energy Efficiency Package, which is expected in autumn of this year.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the European energy consumption. They generate carbon emissions and atmospheric pollution, amplifying greenhouse effects and contributing to global warming. New scientific findings and technologies are focused on new environmentally friendlier materials and inventions. Smart buildings, which have modern systems that save energy, are becoming more common.

The recent revision of the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) includes additional ways to improve energy performance. According to the revision, european buildings should be highly efficient and have zerocarbon emissions by 2050. In addition, renovations should focus on economical and technical expediency, as well as health and convenience for the user. Energy performance metrics will be used for buildings and those that perform well will be called "smart". Smart buildings can be more economic and ergonomic for their owners.

Finally, the regulations also emphasize the production and distribution of fuel in European cities, and the need for an emphasis in more sustainable sources to improve energy and quality of life.

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