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Video: Shinzo Abe Apologized For Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium

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The hefty construction costs of the new Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, after the estimates of the Japanese government, forced the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to apologize to the people.

The original plan provided for the construction of the stadium by the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid had a cost of £1.3 billion. This amount was excessive and the Committee decided other architects to undertake the new project.

So they stopped the works and in early 2016 the new Olympic Stadium in Tokyo will begin and it is estimated that it will be delivered three months later than the original schedule.

On the other hand, Zaha Hadid Architects has made a new film regarding Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium.

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The film explains the only way to achieve value for money in the market. "The design should be seen as the only way to achieve value for money in the market," says Zaha Hadid Architects in the film.

The company explains that the 80,000-seat stadium cannot be constructed with less money. "To start the design from scratch is an unnecessary risk which we think the government should reconsider if its aim is to achieve a lower price than 252 billion yen," the firm says. "We believe the answer is to introduce more competition between the contractors but to not lose the benefits of the design."

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"Giving the design responsibility to the contractors, means there is no real definition of value or quality except for a price and time schedule," it adds.

"A new concept design submitted with a price cannot be trusted after five months of design work. It takes much more time to determine a design with complete price certainty, and by the time that certainty is achieved it will be too late. The Japanese public will get less value for money with this approach."

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"It is a unique design which has been thoughtfully developed over two years to be not only beautiful but compact and efficient for this specific and special location in Tokyo," it continues. "The current design encapsulates all of the lessons learnt from our direct experience of other Olympic stadiums."

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The Tokyo stadium was planned to be the venue for a variety of events such as the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2020 games, music concerts, football matches, etc.

Watch the video provided under media below!



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