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Rome Plans for Three Modern Office Towers

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Rome Plans for Three Modern Office Towers Libeskind Studio

Studio Libeskind has revealed the design of three new office towers in the city center of Rome. The structures are sited at the heart of the planned tor di valle business district adjacent to the A.S. Roma Stadium. Working in conversation together, the three buildings look as if they were cut from the same block of stone. The structures are arranged around a 3,000 sq. meter public plaza and vary in height, up to 220 meters.

The towers will be clad in opaque panels that break up their glass façades. Atrium-like spaces will provide expansive views of the city and the central piazza and will help to regulate room climate through natural shading, air filtering and circulation.

The business park is being developed by Eurnova SRL and is part of a larger plan, conceived of by Studio Libeskind and New York-based Meis Studio, that includes the stadium, training facilities, low and high-rise office buildings, retail, dining and cinemas. The vision is to develop a sustainable, urban district that is integrated with the historic center of Rome and is connected by means of a retail boulevard that will run from the tor di valle metro station to the stadium.

“Making an architectural contribution to the eternal city is treasured opportunity,” commented Libeskind. “Rome will have a world-class business park connected to the stadium that will provide a vibrant, sustainable, neighborhood in this ancient city.”


Source: Design Boom

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