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Crane Drops A/C Unit 30 Stories

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Crane Drops A/C Unit 30 Stories New York Times

A heating and air-conditioning unit weighing several tons fell 30 stories to the ground last Sunday. The incident occurred in Midtown Manhattan after the unit came untethered from a crane lifting it to the roof of an office tower at 261 Madison Ave. Seven people were injured including 5 passers-by and two construction workers.

The crane was lifting the equipment to the mechanical room on roof of the office tower. The load scraped the side of the building after it was dropped and sent glass, metal and concrete raining onto the ground below. The fall caused a cloud of smoke to rise above the block, between East 38th and East 39th Streets.

None of the debris fell into the buffer zone between the street and the building.

The crane was reported to be in good shape, according to the buildings commissioner, Rick D. Chandler. The site has had active construction permits since February, and there were no open complaints or violations for the site, he added.

The building was unoccupied during the incident, due to construction codes that require evacuation during rooftop work.

The 28-story building is owned by the Sapir Organization, which stated that it was cooperating with the authorities in their investigation.

“Our first priority remains people’s safety, ensuring no more injuries occur and that the building will be sage and operational,” the company said in the statement.


Source: New York Times

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