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Meet London's Garden Bridge!

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Garden Bridge Garden Bridge
The "Hanging Gardens" in London, a footbridge over the Thames with green paths and trees will come true.
The "Hanging Gardens" in London, a footbridge over the Thames with green paths and trees will come true. It will cross the Thames, joining the two banks near the Metro station Temple. According to the plan, the bridge will be opened to the public in 2018.
However, critics of the project, which is designed by the famous British architect Thomas Heatherwick, said that the bridge could be a hazard, warning for a tragedy like that of Hillsborough in Sheffield, when 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives by being cramped in a packed stadium. They also claim that if something happens, people who will be up to the bridge may need to jump from the bridge in order to avoid being trampled. At peak hours, it is estimated that up to 8000 people per hour will cross the bridge.
Thomas Heatherwick says "The Garden Bridge will be an extraordinary special place, either to race across, relax in or look back at the rest of the city's sights."
Garden Bridge will be 6.000 square meters and 2.500 square meters are going to be planted.  Dan Pearson, landscape designer of the bridge admits “There are so many exceptional moments from gardens past and living green spaces around us today and the Garden Bridge will complement and continue this rich history of horticultural excellence in London. Whatever the season, the planting will provide year round color and interest with spring blossom and flowering bulbs, high summer flowers, autumn color and winter interest from evergreens, scented shrubs and bulbs. An abundance of nectar-rich flower, berries and fruit will also create somewhere attractive to wildlife and the planting will also enhance and frame beautiful new views up and down the river."
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