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Bomb Discovered in Cologne During Pipeline Construction

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Bomb Discovered in Cologne During Pipeline Construction extremismalert

A WWII era, one-ton bomb was unearthed in the German city of Cologne during preparations for the construction of a pipeline last week. Roughly 20,000 people were forced to leave their homes so that authorities could defuse the bomb. The unexploded US-made device was found 16 feet underground on the left bank of the Rhine river near Mülheim Bridge.

Hundreds of police, firefighters and other aid were involved in clearing the area for the city’s largest evacuation since the end of the war.

It is not unusual for unexploded bombs to be discovered in Germany. Hundreds of tons of unexploded ordnance are discovered every year. Generally, the explosives are disarmed safely, though in 2010 three bomb-disposal officers were killed during an attempt to make a bomb safe.

The largest German bomb disposal operation since 1945 took place in December 2011 after two WWII bombs were found in the riverbed of the Rhine, near Koblenz.


Sources: BBC, Yahoo

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