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Construction of Lunar Base in Consideration by Russia and China

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Construction of Lunar Base in Consideration by Russia and China wikipedia

After meeting with Chinese officials last week, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced plans for a joint space exploration project. This joint venture could lead to the establishment of a Sino-Russian base on the moon. The announcement was made of April 28 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Rogozin told reporters:

“The question is being discussed with Roscosmos on bringing China in as the main partner in creating a lunar scientific station. We have told China of our plans on the possibility of creating a Russian national orbital station.”

The same types of talks occurred in 2012 between NASA and Roscosmos. A lunar base that would be co-run similar to the International Space Station. The agencies relationship has deteriorated in parallel with the Kremlin and White House’s.

Mr. Rogozin and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang met in 2014, after Russian annexation of Crimea and the subsequent impositions of Western sanctions. Both countries have found common ground and have agreed to “actively promote the in-depth development of bilateral practical cooperation, reinforce cooperation in major projects,” with no specification of what those projects would be.

Three other projects announced at the Rogozin-Wang meeting in Hangzhou include: a joint upgrading of Mi-26 heavy transport helicopters, which will greatly strengthen China’s military airlift capability; joint development of wide-body aircraft to rival Boeing and Airbus jumbo jets; and the sale of Russia’s S-400 air defense system to China.


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