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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 13:21cat

Video: old tires converted to eco-friendly homes in Colombia!

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In Colombia, people have invented a new alternative green construction method for their homes, using old tires. Small buildings resembling igloos are becoming more and more frequent in the outskirts of the Colombian capital. View the video below for more information! 

Rubber houses are made of used tires, which are filled with soil to offer additional stability. This new alternative building method is not only environmentally friendly but also earthquake resistant, as earthquakes are very frequent in the region. According to Alexandra Posada, owner of a rubber house, the rubber offers flexibility to the house's walls preventing them from collapse in case of an earthquake. In addition, rubber-houses are much cheaper and faster to built, offering an ideal alternative to the traditional construction methods.

Alexandra used about 9,000 tires for her own home. With nearly 5 million tires lying along the Colombian roads, their use in construction may prove an efficient alternative to environmental pollution. 

Watch an explanatory video here for more information!



Source: DailyMotion



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