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Architects Design Buildings that Cast no Shadow

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A London-based architecture firm says it can eliminate the shadows that buildings cast over urban areas starved of sunlight. The firm devised a plan to build paired skyscrapers in such a way that sunlight reflected by one fills in the shadow of the other. Thought the shadow of the reflecting building would remain, calculations show that the concept would reduce the total amount of shade produced by the buildings by up to 60 percent, according to the NBBJ firm.

“The relationship between the sun and shadow is the relationship between the two buildings,” said Christian Coop, the firm’s design director.

The light from the reflecting tower would not be harmful to pedestrians. This is because the sunlight reflected would be diffused by the space between the building and the ground, therefore, posing no threat to people or structures in the area.

This concept is being received very well in London since roughly 250 new tall towers are expected to be built in the next few years.


Source Huffington Post

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