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3-storey residential unit made of shipping container material!

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A residential model unit built exclusively out of recycled steel shipping containers is now a reality on the southwest corner of Trumbull and Pine, just north of Interstate 75, in Detroit. The housing unit consisting of three storie  was constructed in the record time of six hours and 15 minutes and will serve as an example of what this new building approach is all about. 

Three Squared Inc., a commercial, residential and mixed-use property development company, managed to construct last week the first 3-storey model unit using recycled steel from nine old shipping containers. 

The model's first two  floors will exhibit the new technology of shipping container living and the third floor is a one-bedroom space, where according to the company's CEO Leslie Horn "people can actually go up to it and really look to see what container living would look like". The specific unit is only the first phase of the company's project, which involves the development of a 20-unit shipping container development in Midtown and another one right behind the existing one in Corktown. The 2,880 square ft model unit is expected to complete in June with the addition of sidings of brick and exposed steel in the exterior. 

With regards to this new building technology, Horn says it is "all about sustainability and energy efficiency". It is a product built in no time with extremely energy efficient materials. It is not clear what the shipping units, now used as building materials, carried, but Horn assured the materials were non toxic. Containers pass through a 12-point inspection by the providing company before ending to Three Square's possession. The material is then cleaned and painted before used in construction. 

Dozens of potential buyers have already expressed their interest in purchasing a unit, whose size will range from 820 to 1,940 square ft and priced at market rates, according to Horn. 


Source: The Detroit News


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