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Plans for a pedestrian bridge in Minnesota Vikings stadium

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A pedestrian bridge connecting the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium to the Downtown East light rail system is being discussed among the Metropolitan Council, the Minnesota Vikings and the Minesota Sports Facilities Authority. Total cost of the bridge is estimated at $6 million. 

The need for a pedestrian bridge connecting the stadium to the nearest light rail station, separating pedestrians from LRT and automobile traffic is created by the anticipated crowds in the stadium during game days, according to project manager for Metro Transit Jim Harwood. The bridge will pass over the light rail tracks at Fourth Street and Chicago Avenue and the transit agency estimate that about 26,000 passengers will use the transit system to the stadium at game days. Two LRT lines currently under development along with special trains used for Vikings service, trains are expected to cross the intersection every two minutes. Concurrently, based on Metro Transit's estimates, nearly 2,100 pedestrians will have to cross the intersection, highlighting the need for a pedestrian bridge. 

Construction costs range from $5.5 to $6 million, and as part of the agreement, will be undertaken by the Met Council along with the maintenance costs. The Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities will jointly contribute about $300,000 on an annual basis in promotional revenue as an exchange for naming rights and advertising limitations on the platform. Although the need for a pedestrian bridge for safety reasons is recognized by Council member Jennifer Munt, it is also mentioned that the Vikings should undertake a much larger share of the cost, since the team's fans will be mostly benefitted. As she specifically stated, light and heat equipped shelters in the region's poor areas are system priorities that could very well absorb the $6 million Met Council funds. 


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