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Structural Art for Rent in Essex County

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Structural Art for Rent in Essex County Joseph Scissorhands

Intentionally designed to appear as four separate structures and the many historic pilgrimage chapels in the region; A House for Essex, designed by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) in collaboration with artist Grayson Perry, is one of the newest and most postmodern vacation spots along the British coast northeast of London. The exterior of the structure is clad with roughly 2000 custom ceramic tiles and is housed under a copper alloy standing seam roof with three cast-aluminum sculptures atop.

With the roofline scaling up toward the ocean, the upstairs bedrooms have excellent ocean views, which exhibit the thought behind the homes secluded location. Although relatively small, two bedrooms and one bathroom, the house has a creative and efficient interior dotted with tapestries, mosaics, pottery and other works by Perry. The hybrid building, with a combination of formal and domestic, will be an interplay between public and private space, part gallery part house.

Lately, since the home’s completion, A House for Essex has caused serious traffic issues in the surrounding area. So much so, that the Essex County Council has had to redesign the roads, new road signs and markings, to accommodate the influx of visitors. While the locals are less than impressed with the new home, it is apparent that come this spring, when the rental begins accepting vacationers, it will be in high demand.


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