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Friday, 13 February 2015 15:49cat

Video shows another side of New Jersey's bridges

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Video shows another side of New Jersey's bridges

A video with many of New Jersey's aging and deteriorating bridges was recently released to raise awareness to the area's infrastructure fate if the gas tax is not raised. In nearly 1.5 minutes, the video features images of bridge components 

The video was funded by the Alliance for Action, which is affiliated with Forward NJ. Forward NJ consists of contractors, motorists and mass transit advocates aiming in reviving the state Trasnportation Trust Fund. 

The video, also embedded below, features a series of aging concrete abutments, rusted steel beams of New Jersey's elevated roadways and bridges.

John Belton, a professor of English and film Rutgers University, said the video succeeds in sending, "a visually effective alarm as to the conditions of the state's bridge's. It is, of course, not a documentary," but rather, "a work of propaganda that dramatically calls attention to the problem."


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