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Egnatia Odos, Greece to evaluate most of the country's bridge network

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Egnatia Odos, Greece to evaluate most of the country's bridge network

Bridges and related technical works across 35 prefectures of Greece will be inspected and evaluated by Egnatia Odos S.A. in the following months.  The 1.1 million project involves the inspection and evaluation of 3,000 km of road network around the country. The collected data will be used for the creation of the National Archive of Bridges.

Based on a recent press release by Egnatia Odos S.A., about 1,200 bridges, the majority of which has never been inspected or maintained in the past three decades, will be included in an upcomming project. 

Scope of work includes: 

  • The detailed mapping, inspection and registering of about 1,200 bridges and related technical works 
  • Evaluation of their structural and functional competence
  • Technical description and cost evaluation of the required repair and upgrading works aiming in restoring the functional and structural integrity of the national and regional road network of Greece. 

Overall, 1,200 bridges located along 3,000km of the country's national and local road network will be included in the project, aiming in resolving important safety and serviceability issues of the existing aging infrastructure. 

Collected data will be compiled into the electronic database of Egnatia Odos S.A., which will be connected to the company's Geographical Information System in order to provide improved and accurate geographical information. Additionally, an electronic National Bridge Record will be created, providing vital and updated information on each infrastructure.



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